digital vacuum drying oven manufacturers price for sale

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oltage:220 V 50 HZ Power(W):2060 w Dimension(L*W*H):820*850*1770 mm Weight:240 kg Warranty:1 Year Maximum vacuum:-0.098 Mpa Temperature control range:RT+10~200℃ Working temperature:+5~40°C Temperature resolution:±1℃ MOQ:1 Set Shell material:Cold rolled plate spray Liner material:304 stainless steel Dimensions:820*850*1770 mm Internal size:560*600*640 mm


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digital vacuum drying oven manufacturers price for sale


Vacuum drying oven is widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, agricultural research, environment protection and other areas of research and application for powder drying, baking and all kinds of glass containers’ disinfection and sterilization. Especially for those drying heat-sensitive, labile, oxidizing material and decompounded to carry on fast and effective drying process.

Vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying oven


Vacuum environment greatly lowered the liquid’s boiling point which needs to be driven away, therefore the vacuum dry method can be applied into heat sensitivity material. F·or the samples which can’t be dried easily, such as powder or other pellet form sample, using vacuum dry method may effectively reduce drying time. V· arious complex structures of machinery ministry or other porous sample process use vacuum dry method after washing will not leave any residue; S·afety guarantee: whether under vacuum or inertia condition, the possibility of oxide explodes when is heated will completely be eliminated. C· ompared with the normal drying method depended on air circulation, powder samples will not be blown or moved away by air .


Heating element is on the internal partition of the oven. Compared with traditional vacuum drying oven, it can cut down 50% heating time. (except 6050,6051) S·everal sets of data shows in a big LCD screen. The operation interface can be easily understood and handling. T·he aluminum shelf uses a special stamping process, oxidation will not occur in high temperature, and the conduction is fast. The heat loss will be reduced at the most extent. T·he chamber is cuboid so as to maximize the volume. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, makes temperature control accurate and reliable. R· einforced, bullet-proof double-deck glass door to observe objects in the oven. Inert gas can be filled into it. T·he tightness of the door can be adjusted by user optionally. Wholly-shaped silicone rubber door seal ensures the high vacuum degree in chamber. T·he working room uses stainless steel plate, good cold-roll shelf sheets cover, with anti-static plastic coating. S·torage, heating, experiments and drying are all doing in the environment with no oxygen or filled with inert gas, so oxidation will not happen.

Packaging & Delivery

Standard export package for molecular distillation.

Delivery Time

Shipping in 3-7 days after payment


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